Dodi Raditya

Software Engineer since 2005.

After working in the agencies industry for more than a decade I feel it's time to focus my career on doing good.

Me having a good time
At the 2019 Midsommar celebration of Your Majesty Co.

Up until now my career has been focused on gaining field experience and learn about every aspect of running web development projects. So I took on roles as frontend or serverside developer or both in many many projects ranging from small to large (1.5 years duration).

Based on experiences from the past I'm comfortable using Django, Ruby on Rails, Svelte, React, NextJS, Angular writing SQL queries, googling programming issues and browsing StackOverflow :)

I love to learn all about new technologies, currently I'm reading up on Svelte, Typescript, headless Shopify and getting a deeper understanding of Git and Docker. This site is built in Svelte and sapper on Vercel in case you're interested.

Dreams & Future ambitions

I enjoy software engineering a lot and hopefully I keep on doing this for many more years. If you have a role for me using my skills to improve public transportation, serving society, eradicate poverty, save the environment, sustainable banking or anything else that contributes to a better world please reach out to me. I'm not available for freelance gigs, because I prefer to be part of and grow in a bigger team.

If you’re looking for expertise in branding, design, strategy or if you are in need of a full size team to outsource web development work please contact my wonderful employer Your Majesty Co.

Work history

As a teenager I always had a love for making things and working with technology and design, so I decided to study Interaction Design in The Hague and graduated after an internship at Woedend! where my interest started to lean towards the technical side. I also discovered that I was able to learn a good variety of technologies working at an agency because of the diverse kind of assignments coming in.

That's when I wanted to start my career at strategic design firm Fabrique which was in my hometown Delft at the time. Here I gained experience in all aspects of running web projects like the site for Albert Heijn and Lowlands. After six years I wanted to know how to make the absolute best quality work, for that I had to move abroad and landed a job at Fantasy Co. in Sweden. There I learned from world-class designers and developers serving top brands as Google and USA Today.

Life isn't just about work, no matter how much I love my profession. It is maybe the most important lesson I learned in my career so far. In 2013 I moved back to The Netherlands to be closer to my beloved ones and joined another world-class agency Your Majesty Co. where I still work with great pleasure.

Employer Technical skills Important lessons
Your Majesty Co.

Your Majesty Co.


Node, React, NextJS, Angular, Git, Ruby on Rails Mentoring peers, setting up design systems, the importance of ethics, integrity, produce work that doesn't harm people.
Fantasy Interactive

Fantasy Interactive


Django, html, javascript, coffeescript, css, Git The pursuit to perfection, consulting producers and clients, working in international teams and clients across timezones.



Django, python, html, css, javascript, SVN, Git, php, jsp, SQL Time and effort estimates, planning, collaborating with ux and visual designers, working in a team, project politics, dealing with deadlines, accessibility, responsive design, testing, agile teamwork, what it take to grow from junior level to a seasoned engineer.

In recent years I've helped Los Angeles Lakers fans connect with their favourite basketball club, households live smarter, cancer patients find the best available treatment and gave people a way to compare weather forecasters. Some cases I worked on: (React, NextJS), (frontend, Node), Driver (react), Samsung Connect Living installation (frontend), Spotify Die Drei??? (react)

On rare occasions I write technical articles.